Blouse (Intricate Design) (Short/Long Sleeves)
Blouse (simple design) – Short sleeves
Blouse (simple design) – Long sleeves
Dress (Fancy/intricate design)
Dress (Plain)
Ladies Jacket
Ladies Jeans
Ladies Jumpers
Ladies Shorts (Plain)
Ladies Shorts – knee length
Shirt (Plain)
Shirt (school girl)
Shirts (Pleated and intricate design)
Ladies Slacks / Trousers
Ladies T- Shirts – Short Sleeves
Ladies T- Shirts – Long Sleeves
Ladies Tracksuit
Pyjama Top (Men & Women)
Pyjama Pants (Men & Women)
Children’s shirt, t-shirt and shorts (up to 5 yrs)
Children’s School Uniform (Dress or Long Sleeves Shirt)
Children’s Dress (5yrs +)
Children’s Regular Shirt and T-shirt (up to Sz8)*
Children’s Regular Shirt and T-shirt (over Sz8)*
Children’s Regular Shorts (up to Sz8)*
Children’s Regular Shorts (over Sz8)*
Children’s Regular Long Pants (up to Sz8)*
Children’s Regular Long Pants (over Sz8)*
Children’s Uniform (Shirt – boys & girls)
Children’s Uniform (Shorts – boys & girls)*
Men’s Jacket
Men’s Jeans
Men’s Jumpers
Men’s Shirt – Business long sleeves
Men Shirt – short sleeves
Men’s Shorts
Men’s Shorts (Knee length)
Men’s T-Shirts (Short Sleeves)
Men’s T-Shirts (Long Sleeves)
Men’s Tracksuit
Men’s Trousers
Bed sheet – Double
Bed sheet – Double bed fitted
Bed sheet – Queen (fitted)
Bed sheet – Queen (flat)
Bed sheet – Single
Bed sheet – single fitted sheet
Doona cover – Queen
Doona cover – double
Doona cover – single
Pillow case*
Table Cloth
Table Cloth Small
Plastic Clothes Hangers
Kitchen Towel/Table Napkin
Pick up & Delivery
Pick up

Orders over $30 worth of ironing in total have free pick up and free delivery.

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